Pigmentation Treatment

Whitening Peel Treatment

It is a method performed to provide full coverage to the uneven pigmented parts of the skin. This treatment is a safe, innovative and effective form of procedure that restores glow and even skin tone. Be it any body part that has an unequal distribution of pigment, this Whitening Peel Treatment or Yellow Peel Treatment is the right solution. It also helps to reduce wrinkly lines and gives a fresher look to your skin!
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Moisture Surge treatment

Moisture Surge Treatment/Hydrafacial or “hydradermabrasion” is a treatment that includes exfoliating the skin deeply and applying hydrating serums. The intense exfoliation helps in deep cleaning which as a result treats pigmentation and irregularities in the skin. And the hydrating serums help in replenishment. Book an appointment at Aesthetics by Dr Jyoti and get the treatment done safely by our professional aestheticians.

Pumpkin Lightening Treatment

When your skin needs rejuvenation and restoration, the Pumpkin Lightening Treatment does the work. The method involves a peel that specialises in exfoliation and deep moisturising, leaving your skin smooth and glowy. The peel is made up of natural pumpkin pulp. It also helps to combat acne, dryness and aging.
When the natural enzymes of the pumpkin peel come in contact with your skin, it hydrates the skin and makes it better.
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Diamond Polishing Treatment

Diamond Polishing Treatment or Microdermabrasion is an advanced treatment that exfoliates dead skin and promotes the healthy growth of new cells. It is performed widely everywhere. Diamonds are preferred over crystals because they are harder and provide faster results.
Here, in this method, diamond tips are used in microdermabrasion machines. After examining the history of a patient, the procedure starts. The pressure, intensity and length of treatment are set accordingly to the patient. Diamond helps in smoothing the surface, resulting in younger and glowing skin.
Not only does it enhance your skin, but also improves blood circulation.


Carbon Facial Laser

Carbon Peel Laser treatment is well-suited and highly effective for people with oily skin, enlarged pores and acne. In this method, the aesthetician applies a layer of liquid carbon to your face. This layer will absorb all the dirt and oil from deep within the pores. Once the layer dries, a laser on the low setting is passed over the skin to help it bind with the epidermis. Then, with the help of a higher laser setting, the layer is broken into small particles, and the smoke evaporator attached to the laser removes all the particles, including the dirt. It results in tighter pores, clear and glowing skin.

Laser for freckles

Freckles are harmless brown spots on the skin. They are visible in the areas where the skin is exposed to the sun. As it is a form of dark pigment on the skin, it can be removed with the help of the right laser treatment. When the skin is treated with the constant beam of laser light, it breaks down the melanin particles into finer particles. And the body’s natural healing process removes these particles on its own. It is a safe and gentle treatment with instantly visible results.

Glutathione injection treatment

Glutathione is a form of master “antioxidant” that repairs and protects the skin from toxins. Glutathione injections are used to alleviate hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, age spots, sun spots, etc. It does so by clearing out the unnecessary toxins in our bodies. Once the toxins are successfully removed, you can observe an overall improvement in the quality of the skin.

OxyGeneo facial treatment

Oxygen is an inseparable part of our life. Other than helping us to survive, oxygen reaps many benefits for our skin too! The OxyGeneo facial is a successfully emerging treatment and is highly recommended by aestheticians all around the world. It includes exfoliation benefits, skin revitalization and skin healing. The best part, it is safe and effective for all skin kinds! OxyGeneo treatment reduces the size and visibility of pores on the skin, reduces hyperpigmentation, replenishes skin and improves its texture.

PRP- Vampire Face Lift

The Vampire Face Lift, also known by the name “vampire facial” is a treatment that involves drawing out your blood. This procedure helps to reduce wrinkles, diminish acne scars, and makes your face look plumper and brighter. The platelet-rich plasma is induced (or injected) into the skin at specific depths according to the preferred needs of the client. The blood is then spread on the face. Vampire Face Lift is an advanced skincare treatment that uses the body’s power of healing. It is a quick procedure that restores the youthfulness in your skin.

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