Weightloss Treatment


Get the advanced treatment for reducing the fat in your desired areas.
Lipofit successfully drains down the unwanted fat from the body using ultrasound technology. Along with that, the procedure helps in regenerating collagen elastin, skin toning and tightening. Minimum 6 sessions with a gap of 7-15 days are conducted. All the areas can be covered with this form of treatment. We, at Aesthetics by Dr Jyoti, have certified practitioners performing this treatment for years. Our methods are safe, tried, tested and trusted. Book an appointment with us.


Gone are the days when achieving your dream body shape was impossible. We at Aesthetics by Dr Jyoti fulfil your dream with the Heat Lipo treatment. The Heat Lipo treatment is known for its successful weight loss results. It regulates blood circulation throughout the body. This method helps in body trimming with minimal effort. The heat produced by laser melts off the fat from the desired parts of your body, resulting in toning. It also promotes collagen production.

Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting, also known popularly by the name of Body Contouring is a detailed and firm method performed to remove excess fat from certain parts of the body. It helps with toning by shaping the treated areas. In this treatment, the fat cells are destroyed by exposing them to sonic vibrations and extreme temperatures. It is an effective treatment for those who wish to get rid of stubborn fat.


Velatrim is an advanced treatment that helps you to get rid of unwanted cellulite. Under this method, the skin collagen is renewed and the connective tissues are treated which reduces the appearance of extra cellulite. The fat cells are shrinked, resulting in toning of the areas treated. If interested, book an appointment with us today!

Spot Fat Reduction

If you want to have a slimmer, toned body with little to no extra fat, then spot fat reduction method is one of the many procedures that can be conducted. It starts with targeting a specific area of the body that demands loss of unwanted fat. It is done with the help of radio frequency, ultrasound, infrared lights and vacuum massage.

It is an easy-going and hassle free method that shows promising results in no time!

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