6 Best Weight Loss treatments no one told you about

Being overweight is the biggest pandemic of the present time, affecting more people than we can get the data off. Gone are the days when we would read about obesity statistics of privileged countries like America and Australia, this condition has now become the biggest concern for most people in all parts of the world. In fact, you will agree with me that all those who do not want to gain weight, want to very much, lose weight. 

Excess weight is something that almost 70% of people are facing due to a complex lifestyle. Blame it on stress, junk food, fast life, or anything you want, the fact is that the sizes are increasing every alternate year. What was large and extra-large a few years back is now small and medium.

So how do we deal with it, how do we control weight? Some people try home remedies while some opt for professional methods. There are some very effective treatments for weight loss available that people don’t know much about till now. 

Here in this article, we will tell you about the six best weight loss treatments that you haven’t heard about. 

6 Best Weight Loss Treatments 

Exercise and diet are essential for healthy living. But it may not always give you the desired result as far as weight loss is concerned. How about trying something that will guarantee you the outcome you were aiming for? Mentioned here are the best weight loss techniques that cosmetic science is offering:

  1. Lipofit :

Lipofit is one of the best weight loss techniques that will help you get rid of the excess fat in desired areas like the arms, thighs, abdomen, and hips.  Also called spot reduction therapy, this is the most promising technique to tone down the body. 

Lipofit makes use of ultrasound technology that drains the excess fat from parts of your body. Along with fat reduction, this technology also helps in regenerating collagen elastin that tones and tightens the skin.

  1. Heatlipo:

Heatlipo, also known as Hot Sculpting, has been a very effective method of fat reduction. It is a process for body contouring that uses heat to melt stubborn fat from parts of the body that do not go away from diet and exercise.

The patient will not feel any effect of hot sculpting on the body surface except in some cases where slight redness may occur.

  1. Body Sculpting:

Body Sculpting, also known as  Body Contouring,  is used to get rid of stubborn fat in parts of the body by exposing it to extreme temperatures and sonic vibrations. Body sculpting tones and shape the treated area. 

  1. Velatrim:

Velatrim is an advanced treatment used to lessen the appearance of cellulitis on body parts. Under this process, the fat cells are shrunk which results in the toning of that body part.

  1. Spot Fat Reduction:

Spot fat reduction is an easy and hassle-free procedure that has been showing promising results. Performed with the use of radiofrequency, infrared lights, ultrasound, and vacuum messages it targets that specific area of the body that has to lose fat.

  1. Body Tucks:

Body tucks is a method used for tummy tucking, arm lifts, removal of man breasts, or getting rid of love handles to contours the body. It is one of the better-known processes that alters the shape of the body by eliminating excess fat. 

Best Exercises For Weight Loss  

Exercise is not only the best way to achieve wholesome living but also the best way to lose weight. Experts suggest a minimum of 300 minutes of exercise a week to achieve optimum health and weight levels. 

The best form of exercises to lose weight are:

  1. Walking: Walking is one of the easiest methods of starting an exercise routine. Even a half hour of exercise daily will improve your health by a great degree. Start by walking shorter distances and then slowly increase your steps. You should brisk walk for maximum benefits.
  1. Jumping Ropes: Jumping ropes could be both a fun and fast way of losing weight. In fact you will lose more calories by jumping rope than walking for the same time. It also works out more muscles in your body making it fitter and toned.
  1. High Intensity Interval training (HIIT): High Intensity Interval training is an innovative exercise routine gaining a lot of popularity in recent times. It uses high intensity exercise form with low intensity exercises to target the fat in the body instead of the carbs. By HIIT you will lose more weight than by doing cardio. The exercise also helps the body lose weight for upto 24 hrs after the workout.
  1. Cycling: Cycling is amongst the most loved exercise forms. There have been an increasing number of cycling enthusiasts at the time of the pandemic, so much so that you will see many groups of cyclists on the road during different times of the day. You could lose upto 400-750 calories by cycling for an hour.
  1. Swimming: Swimming uses most of your body muscles and hence is most effective in losing weight. A swimmer can reduce the risk of heart diseases, stroke, type 2 diabetes and many other illnesses by just doing half hour swimming a few times a week.
  1. Yoga: Yoga is not just an exercise form but a way to improve mindful living. People who do yoga do not only lose weight and tone their body but also live a happy and healthy life. People who do yoga for at least for half an hour daily have a much better BMI.

Best Pills To  Treat Overweight and Obesity 

Weight-loss medications should be used with a healthy diet, exercise, and behavior change. Before taking these pills consult your doctor for possible side effects.

The most commonly used pills approved by the FDA for the treatment of overweight and obesity include:

  • Bupropion-naltrexone (Contrave):  Can be taken by adults, this medicine works by making you feel less hungry.
  • Liraglutide (Saxenda): Can be taken by adults and children over 12 years of age. This medicine mimics a hormone called glucagon that targets areas of the brain that regulate hunger and food intake.
  • Orlistat (Alli, Xenical) : Can be taken by adults and children of over 12 years of age. This medicine works on the gut and reduces the amount of fat absorbed from the food.
  • Phentermine-topiramate (Qsymia): Can be taken by adults only. This medicine works by lowering your appetite and making you feel full sooner.

Weight loss medication does not affect everyone and its effects may also wane off as soon as you stop taking it.


While diet control and exercises are the best ways to lose weight, they may not always be effective, especially in certain areas of your body that have stubborn fat deposits. For this reason more and more people every year are trying non-surgical weight loss techniques that promise maximum results with very less side effects.

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