Hair loss: Reasons, Treatment and Preventions

hair loss

Hair loss-a a widely prevalent issue that people of every generation are suffering and has become a significant issue for many people. Low hair density, hair fall, and improper growing are a few things that even youngsters encounter daily. But with increasing cases of hair loss, there are now specific ways through which you can prevent hair loss. Not only do these treatments are effective for every individual, but they come at a budget-friendly cost. So, you are left with no reason not to try hair fall treatment to prevent hair loss.

At Aesthetics by Dr. Jyoti, we offer the best treatments and solutions for hair loss that will help you retain your ideal hair growth like magic. We do a proper analysis of your hair type and density to peculiarly design your treatment and give what they need in an exact manner. We are the top skin and hair wellness clinic in Jaipur. 

What Do You Mean By Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a natural process that includes widening the hair, spotting bald spots, or shedding more than usual daily hair. If what you lose is 50-100 strands are considered regular but more than 125 hairs a day is an alert for you. Visiting a dermatologist will not help you find the primary reason for hair loss but will also guide you to get the best solution. 

Hair loss is common in more than 80% of females and males because of this modern lifestyle and unhealthy diet. 

Why Do People Suffer From Hair Loss?

Hair Loss is a prevalent issue and can happen to anyone, irrespective of age and gender. It can happen in different ways, depending upon the reason causing it. Sometimes the reason is related to the scalp, and sometimes the whole body.  

Reasons for Hair Loss which are commonly seen in people are as follows:

1. Stress and Anxiety 

Stress has a direct and fast impact on hair loss which is a significant reason for baldness in the younger generation. Stress can put hair follicles into a resting phase and prevent them from producing new hair strands. 

Meditation and yoga can help you overcome stress and promote hair growth. 

2. Genetic Issues

People who have genetic issues of baldness from generation to generation are more likely to suffer from hair loss issues. Generic problems are hard to overcome and are majorly crushed using treatments by professionals. 

3. Medical Procedures Side-Effects 

Some medical procedures and therapies directly affect your hair growth and take more than 50% of the scalp area. Toxic substances, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and medication cause sudden hair loss. 

4. Medicines and Supplements 

Supplements and medicines, primarily for blood pressure, gout and birth controls, can damage your hair follicles, giving rise to sudden hair loss.

5. Aging 

Ageing is a widespread cause of hair loss as your body gets from exceptional levels of hormonal and other body changes. 

Treatments For Hair Loss

1. Mesoscalp Therapy 

Mesoscalp is one of the widely opted non-surgical ways to treat hair growth, which treats 90% of the issue. The process of mesoscalp is a very easy process in which the doctors provide the scalp with some vitamin boosters to improve the blood flow. 

By giving the proper nutrition to the bald patches, the doctors activate the hair follicles to grow hair again. An injection gun is used to inject the vitamins, which is done after numbing the area with a numbing agent. 

Aesthetics by Dr Jyoti provides non-invasive mesotherapy treatments in India that can cure any hair loss issues. With the best equipment and latest technologies, we come with success rates that no one can offer. 

2. Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment 

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is one of the most effective ways to regain ideal hair growth. As the name says, the treatment involves using the patient’s plasma and injecting it into the patient’s scalp.

The blood is injected into the scalp using a thin needle-like syringe to accelerate hair growth by enhancing the blood circulation in the scalp. The treatment is cost-effective and ranges from around 5000-15000 per session. 

3. H-Growth Meso

A short and direct method to regain your hair growth without any surgical ways is by H-Growth Meso. It is a method where direct injection of certain minerals, surface expanders and vitamins are injected into your scalp.

Generally, these substances involve calcium, Potassium, Iodine, and Manganese and agents that are good for the keratin layer of the skin and help in the development of hairs on the scalp. The treatments cost around Rs. 12,000 to 20,000 Rs per sitting. 

At Aesthetics by Dr Jyoti, every treatment you opt for goes through many pre-checks to check its authenticity and is then welcomed to the clinic. Whether it is PRP, H-Growth or any other hair growth process, we ensure that what you get is 100% bonafide and satisfies your objective of getting one. 

Our highly skilled team of dermatologists and skin specialists are qualified and experts in their field, which makes our every treatment a success. With over 13 years of experience in skin and hair wellness, we have treated more than 10000 patients and given them a new ray of light.   

Preventing hair loss is not easy and is not always effective. But by doing a few things, the impact of hair loss can be reduced. Here are a few things to keep your hair healthy and thick:

How To Prevent Hair Loss at an Early Age 

1. A healthy diet is a way to have healthy hair without asking questions. Add food items rich in protein and iron and more calories to your diet. 

2. Meditation and yoga are stress busters and help hair growth to a great extent. 

3. Prevent the use of hair appliances like dryers and straighteners. Do not tuck your hair very tightly with rubber bands. 

4. Take vitamins that promote hair growth. You can consult a dermatologist for the same. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What are the top reasons for hair loss?

Alopecia or hair loss is commonly seen due to:

‘Q2. How can I improve hair loss?

  1. Genetics 
  2. Age
  3. Stress & depression 
  4. Hormonal issues 
  5. Deficiency in Nutrition value 
  6. Infections 
  7. Medicines 
  8. Supplements 
  9. Excessive use of hair styling tools
  10. Radiation and chemotherapy.

Medicines like Minoxidil, Finast and treatments like PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and Mesoscalp are the top solutions for hair treatments. 

Q3. How can I grow new hair? 

  1. Massage your hair regularly 
  2. Take supplements after consulting a dermatologist 
  3. Regular Trimming 
  4. Regular oiling 
  5. Regular check-ups by exerts 

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