5 Medi Facials Which Are Better Than Normal Facials

Medi Facials

Glowing and healthy skin is what everyone wants and craves for? But with this hassle lifestyle, having glowing skin has become only a dream. Only a few can manage a healthy diet and skincare routine for a long run, but those who don’t follow one do not have to stress. Medi Facials is a miraculous method that will give you the great skin with nutrition and essentials that it craves. 

Medi Facials are those facial clean-ups that help you rejuvenate your skin by slowing the aging process and regenerate the collagen elasticity to get rid of dull and tired skin. Some of the most popular facials are Hydra Facial, Oxygeno Facial, Vampire Facial. 

Aesthetics by Dr Jyoti is a well-versed skincare clinic in Jaipur that offers unique medi-facials like Pumpkin Whitening Facial, Aesthetics Signature Facial and others that provide the best results and are also light on pocket. 

5 Medi Facials which are better than normal facials 

1. Hydra Facials 

Hydra Facials are very popular facials among people as it helps to improve the entire texture and tone of your skin. By deep exfoliating your skin, it removes debris and cleanses pores to enhance the penetration of serum into your skin. 

This facial is effective on acne and acne scars along with removing pore-clogging. Well the benefits are just not enough. You can also opt for hydra facial if you want to treat skin issues like dryness, wrinkles and blackheads. 

Doctors use a vortex band to clean your skin and then peel it to help exfoliate. After that, with the help of a pen, they apply a moisturizing serum. 

2. Pumpkin Whitening Facial 

Pumpkin is a very rich source of B6, Vitamin folate and increases the production of collagen in the skin, it is used in many skin treatments and facials. 

Pumpkin Whitening Facials are best for deep nourishment and advanced exfoliation of skin. By keeping the major component as Pumpkin ulp, they design the facial to treat issues like dryness, acne, aging and irregular texture issues. 

It helps in dealing with dark circles, high pigmentation issues and brings radiance on your skin. The best thing about Pumpkin Whitening Facial is that it has no or minimal side-effects and doesn’t involve any laser or painless equipment. 

3. Meso Vitamin Facial 

Meso Vitamin is a special facial that helps treat skin loosening and also removes excess fat and promotes blood circulation simultaneously. 

In this facial, doctors use injections containing required vitamins, hormones, enzymes and plant extracts into your skin. The technique involves using fine thread like needles to inject in the middle layer of skin and provide the essential vitamins. 

It is a very smooth and effective process to get glowing skin and provide nourishment that it needs for staying healthy.

4. Oxygeneo Facial 

The oxygeneo facial is a special 3 in 1 facial that nourishes your skin and oxygenates it to provide it luster and shine naturally. 

The new and advanced facial treatment, Oxygeneo facial works in a 3-way process:  

1. Exfoliate: In the first one, it removes all the dead cells from the upper layer of your skin for unclogging the pores. 

2. Oxygenate: Further, the concentration of oxygen in the skin is triggered to replace with CO2. It is done to increase oxygen level in the skin to improve blood circulation and cellular acitivity. 

3. Infuse: In addition to oxygenation, this facial also consists of many essential vitamins and nutrients to be injected into your skin. The aim is to make your skin healthier, nourishes and glowing. 

This facial works for all skin tones as it helps in oil balance in the skin and improves overall skin texture. 

5. Vampire Facial 

A very unique and extraordinary facial in the field of skincare is the Vampire Facial. This facial helps treat wrinkles, creases, and gives a natural glow to your skin like no one else can. 

The unique thing about this facial is that its main component is the patient’s own blood. In Vampire facelift, doctors take out your blood and place it in a centrifuge. The blood then separates and we get our main component i.e Plasma Rich Platelets. With numerous benefits, PRP can improve skin texture, skin elasticity and volume upto 90%. 

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