Busting The Myths About Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction

Hair removal is one of such things that comes with multiple options. You can shave, but the hairs grow back in no time and even harder. Waxing snitches your hair entirely, but the pain is extreme and doesn’t last that long. People go through all the trouble, but the option they won’t consider is laser hair reduction because of the myths related to it in the market. 

Though all the celebrities plump for laser treatments for hair removal, many people still think this treatment is unfit for them. Usually, the laser process is associated with myths like it is a painful procedure or might wreck your skin. At the same time, the others feel that it is a costly process that they can’t afford. 

There are many myths about laser hair reduction treatment that we will burst in this article to help you choose a suitable option to deal with hair removal. 

What is Laser Hair Reduction?

If you are a person who doesn’t like tweezing and shaving or a hot wax getting onto your skin every two weeks, laser hair removal is magic for you.

Laser reduction is a modern way of removing your hair painlessly and non-invasive using a laser. In this process, the doctor uses a high laser beam onto the targeted area with hairs and damages the hair follicles. And as a result, you get hair-free skin. 

Myths about laser hair reduction That One Should Know. 

Myth 1: Laser treatment gives rise to more dense and frequent hair growth.

The major reason that prevents people from opting for laser removal is that they feel that it will cause the hair to be more dense. But the truth is that every session of this process will make your hair density lesser with the decrease in growth and thickness.   

After the first session, you will feel that the hairs are much finer and thinner than before. So the areas that are typical to treat will be less bothersome after hair growth. 

Myth 2: Laser Hair Removal is Painful 

When it comes to pain, it is just as painful as waxing. Moreover, people have found waxing to be more painful than the laser process in some cases. The process includes a beam of light to destroy your hair follicle, which doesn’t involve scrapping and twitching. 

So, if you had not opted for the same in the past because you thought it was a painful process, do not stop yourself now. 

Myth 3: The Treatment is Very Costly 

With such benefits for hair removal, anyone will think that lasers are a costly treatment to opt for. Having such advanced technology, everyone will feel like it can be an expensive thing for them. However, with such popularity and demand, the cost of laser treatment has been kept affordable to everyone. 

In fact, the cost of waxing for a year will cost thousands compared to laser processes that will cost hundreds. 

At Aesthetics, we have the most-affordable treatment for the laser reduction process. Our meticulously designed treatments are made by expert skin specialists. By precisely going through the needs of the patients, their needs and budget, we make an ideal treatment for each patient uniquely.  

Myth 4: Laser Treatments Can Be Harmful To Your Skin 

Laser treatment involves using high-beam light to damage hair follicles. And for this reason, people assume that it will also damage skin follicles. But it doesn’t. As an FDA-approved treatment, the laser process is very safe and does not damage your skin at all. 

At Aesthetics by Dr. Jyoti, we offer pre and post-care for your laser method to get the best for your skin. We use the best laser machines and other pieces of equipment for the technique to avoid even the slightest chance of mishappening during the process. 

Myth 5 : Laser Procedure Will Not Be Effective After The First Treatment 

The fact that a laser process can remove the hair from the first cycle is still something people don’t know. Sounds too good to be true; this method will make you observe positive effects from the first treatment only. And after 6-8 treatments, you will get shifted to the long-term impacts for the same. 

Myth 5: Laser Can Cause Skin Problems 

As soon as people hear lasers, they start thinking about marks, scarring, and laser problems. Though the treatment does involve the risk of scarring and scars, some clinics make you sign a consent form for the same. The important thing to know is that the chances of scarring are almost none. 

We can assure that our clients get an anti-scar and clear skin treatment by detailed laser treatments by Aesthetics. With our qualified staff and skilled doctors, you worry about your clear-looking skin. 

Myth 6: Laser Removal is Only For Women 

When it comes to hair reduction, there is no gender-related to it. We would not have considered men interested in hair removal a few decades back. But now, more men are into hair removal treatments. 

Being a painless method, men can now opt for laser treatment for beard, chest, armpits, neck, etc. At Aesthetics, we have laser and other hair reduction treatments for both women and men. 

Facts About Laser Hair Reduction Treatments 

1. The treatment works for all skin types and hair colours when it comes to hair colours. But when it comes to grey and white hair, lasers cannot remove the hair follicles due to lack of pigmentation. 

2. The result of the same treatment for two people can be different. Be it because of the skin type, hair color, and skin tone, the quality of the laser differs. 

3. Laser process does not come with any radiation that might harm your body. 

4. You can get laser treatment for difficult areas like armpits, bikini region, thighs, or chest area for hair removal.

Laser Hair Reduction Treatments by Aesthetics

Worried about getting the right laser treatment, come to Aesthetics by Dr. Jyoti. We are the best skin care specialist in India with an accurate skillset, outstanding past record, and remarkable history. 

We at Aesthetics use foreign laser machines with extraordinary facilities to bring out the best laser treatment for you. And with 5* care for pre and post-treatment, we make sure that our client gets the best service for skincare. And that’s what makes up one of the top skin specialists in Jaipur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the side effects of laser treatment? 

Though the laser treatment comes with the best success rates, there are some minor issues that you can face after the same. However, the chances of getting these are almost zero.

  • Scarring 
  • Redness 
  • Skin infection 
  • Change in skin color 

In case you have doubts about your laser treatment, it is better to talk to your doctor.

Q2. Does laser permanently remove hair growth?

The answer to this question is no. Laser treatment does not remove hair permanently, but it reduces hair growth duration. So, you will need more time for waxing or shaving. 

Q3. Is laser removal cancerous?

It is a myth that laser methods will cause cancer. Not any past records and doctors have found this statement to be true. 

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