BB glow treatment: Your secret for glowing skin

Who doesn’t want glowing skin that grabs every eye when you go to a party, event, or even your office? And imagine everyone adoring your glowing skin and even complexion without even carrying makeup and foundation every day. Yes, it is possible with the BB Glow Treatment. 

BB Glow treatment is that new revolutionary skincare that will give you glowing skin without any effort. So now, when you go to a party, you will be the center of attraction and when everyone asks the secret, your answer will be the BB Glow Treatment. 

If you want younger looking but have some doubts about BB Treatment, we will help you make a fair decision. In the end, it is your skin, and we want the best care for you. 

What is the BB Glow Treatment?

A popular skincare process that is liked by millions of people across Europe and Asia- BB Glow Treatment has been gaining hype over the past few years. It is a non-surgical treatment that rejuvenates your skin and improves your skin’s collagen production. In addition, this process consists of a BB glow serum that promotes even tone and adds essential nutrients to your skin. 

Being a 100% natural and safe treatment for skin, anyone can opt for this treatment without any expert’s consultation. It is FDA approved, has gone through many quality checks, and is scientifically proven to be safe on the skin.  

BB Glow Treatment in India: Step-byStep Process 

In this special skin treatment, the doctors use a fine-thread like micro or nano-needle to apply a highly-tinted pigment and examine your entire skin, even your eyelids. The macro-needle goes uninterrupted on your skin and provides full-spectrum coverage. The whole process is as follows: 

1. Deep Cleansing 

By deep cleansing, the doctor will remove the excess dirt and oil from the topmost layer of your skin. It is essential as the treatment can go wrong if any dirt remains on the layer. 

2. Exfoliation 


To deep cleanse the skin and pores, exfoliation is done using a gentle exfoliating gel. The gel also removes the dead skin cells from the top layer. 

3. Neutralizing Your Skin 

Using a toner, the doctor will neutralize your skin’s pH balance to keep the skin hydrated. 

4. Booster Serum 

And here comes the step in which doctors will use the best face serum to apply to your skin. The serum is applied using a thin macro-needle. The role of Marco-needle is to boost the effect of facial masks effectively. 

5. BB Glow Serum 

A good dermatologist like Aesthetics by Dr. Jyoti will firstly analyse your skin type to choose the correct BB serum for your treatment. And after that, they will infuse the serum with the help of micro-needling technology. 

6. Applying the Luxe Mask

Luxe mask in BB Glow Treatment

The 6th step involves applying a hydrating Luxe Mask on the skin with serum for 15 to 20 minutes. The role of the mask is to ensure that the skin absorbs the serum nicely without drying out. The mask helps in hydration and moisture lock. 

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7. Light Therapy 

At Aesthetics, we ensure the highest success for the treatment you opt for. And that’s why we use unique Light Therapy on the skin with serum and hydrating mask for an additional 15 minutes. Not only does it increase the benefits of the serum, but it improves its durability. 

The treatment needs 4 to 5 sessions to get the desired results. But you will see noticeable changes after first sitting only. 

Benefits of BB Glow Treatment 

After the treatment of BB Glow, you will find your skin more radiant-looking, lightened, evenly toned, and brighten. 

Here are some more benefits that will help you decide

 whether to opt BB procedure or not:

  1. You get much softer and hydrated skin. 
  2. For at least 2 months, you do not need to apply any make to look radiant. 
  3. It reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles 
  4. Reduction of blackheads and pores.
  5. Even skin tone and brighten skin. 
  6. It treats discoloration of the skin and even out the blemishes. 
  7. Glowing and radiant-looking skin instantly. 
  8. It also reduces the melanin visibility in the skin before and after the UV exposure. 

What Are The Side Effects of BB Glow Treatment 

Before and After of BB GLow Treatment

Every treatment has some subtle side effects that will make you take a step back from the decision. But not with BB Glow treatment, as it comes with a few subtle side effects. These side effects do not last long and are treatable with home remedies.

Following are the side-effects of BB Treatment:

  1. Minute Irritation
  2. Tightness 
  3. Redness
  4. Minor Swelling 
  5. Swelling that lasts a day or two

BB Glow Treatment Price in India 

One of the reasons the BB treatments are getting such massive liking among people is their cost-effectiveness. It means that anyone can get clear-looking radiant skin without thinking about the cost. Usually, the cost of BB treatment in India starts from Rs. 6,000 to 15,000, but the amount varies on many things like quality of the product, duration, and quantity. 

At Aesthetics by Dr. Jyoti, we offer BB Glow treatments that are not only affordable but are conducted using the best quality products. Our highly-professional staff, equipment, and operating units are safe and hygienic to eliminate any mishappenings with your skin. Including all these services, we have the most budget-friendly treatments for skin and hair care. 

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Visit Aesthetics by Dr. Jyoti- The Best Skincare Specialist in India 

BB GLow Treatment at Aesthetics by Dr. Jyoti.

At Aesthetics by Dr. Jyoti, the BB Glow Treatment is taken under surveillance with Dr Jyoti- the founder and the head doctor of Aesthetics. With 14+ of experience in treating people with skin issues and disorders, she has expertise in providing the skincare best treatments.

Our products go through quality checks, and our treatments are 100% safe on your skin. Our doctors customize each treatment uniquely, keeping in mind all the necessities like skin type, skin allergies, past injuries, and others. So you get a treatment that ultimately belongs to you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is the BB Glow treatment good for skin?

Being the latest production of Korean beauty, the BB Glow procedure is KFDA approved and safe for any skin type. It gives you clear and radiant skin and provides needful nutrients to your skin.

The Botox Technique also gives awesome results on anti-aging. 

Q2. Is BB Glow Treatment permanent? 

BB Glow is a semi-permeable treatment that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, gives even tone, and corrects discoloration. The effects of the treatment are seen upto 4 months after the treatment. 

Q3. What should not be done after BB Glow?

There are a few things that one should avoid after BB Treatment:

  1. Avoid using makeup for three days.
  2. Do not sunbathe. 
  3. Prohibit the use of scented skincare products 
  4. Hot tubs, sunbeds, and hair dryers are a straight no.
  5. Do not swim for at least 7 days. 

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